Artifacting - Can't find anything similar posted. (Vista/GeForce7300)


I just received a new (to me) system from a family friend.

2GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE

I have used MAC mainly in the past, but understand windows fine.


The system runs great. It's quiet. Responds fine. I mainly use it for browsing and some photoshop - mainly for design work (web interfaces) part time.

The software opens and runs fine, however, I am getting weird patches of blue, sometimes pink and sometimes white lines or artifacting. If I am using a browser, the lines will stay with the area of the page while scrolling. Same with photoshop. If I minimize the PS window and open back up, artifacting is sometimes gone.

It happens when I have just a browser open or PS5 and multiple browsers. Doesnt seem to be affected by work load (if that's possible). I changed to 16bit display settings and same thing.

I have it set on 32bit display and it's 32 bit vista, if that helps.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. The monitor is a Gateway 700 G. It's been used very little last couple years. Once a month maybe.

    My brother has a 4 yo gpu he said I could have. If that fixes it, I'll buy a new one and be done with it. When I pick up the GPU I'll take the monitor and test it there.

    Thanks BigMack,
    Big Taters
  2. UPDATE: I updated the driver, which gave me higher resolution capabilities and seemed to fix. However, it happens again when I have a long Photoshop file that requires scrolling. However, when I decreased the canvas height from 2400px to 1024 px, it stops artifacting.

    RAM or GPU issue?

    Have 2GB (2x1) Kingston HyperX in the mail on its way. Not sure if that's related but i wanted it anyway.
  3. BigMack70 said:
    That GPU is so weak that I suppose it may just be unable to cope with the large photoshop file. Honestly, I'd suggest spending $50 and upgrading to a modern low end GPU. I don't have much experience with older low end stuff, though, so I'm not sure how much something like a 7300 can be expected to do.

    Your RAM is easy to test, just download memtest86+ (google it) and run that for a few hours (or if you want 110% to guarantee stability, 1-2 days).

    Still sounds like a GPU issue to me... I just wouldn't trust the 7300 with anything - it is even weaker than modern integrated graphics.

    bigmack70 - Thanks for the help, I'll be ordering a GPU this weekend. Got a starting point for research? My usage is 80% Dreamweaver/Photoshop (work), 15% Premeire elements/Lightroom (simple family stuff) and 5% email/web.

    Thanks again.
  4. BigMack70 said:
    Honestly, if you're not gaming, you really don't need much from a GPU. I'd say pick up something like a HD 6670 for ~$55 (after rebate). It will do more than you need and is an excellent low-end GPU.

    Last question before I order it.

    The fact it has ddr3 doesn't matter because it's on board the GPU, correct? (i've got ddr2 ram) Couldn't find that info on the new egg site.

    This forum is awesome, didn't expect to get much help.

    Thanks again BigMack70
  5. I have that program already installed.

    I'm a life time MAC user who made the switch with this system. I was definitely guilty of being the user who didn't pay much attention and never did my own upgrades (silly, i know) - just shopped the apple store for my next system. I have to say, aside from the small problem with the GPU (which is not windows fault), i've enjoyed the transition. I'm graduating from being an overpaying HYPER RETAIL (apple) consumer to an informed windows/pc guy. This is my first 'new' (which was free) computer since having a family. All the money I save goes to my 3yo daughters needs. I'll admit it - I NEVER spent less than $2000 on an apple computer (powerbook, imac). Not sure whether to laugh or cry that the only free computer i've owned is one of my favs :cry: :lol: :cry: :lol:

    Photoshop is opening faster on this system than any of my iMacs did. I have Vista totally stripped down to Classic mode and even a black background desktop. I like being more involved with my systems performance. :o

    Anyway, I'm gonna run that driver sweeper once I get the GPU and I will update then.
  6. I've installed the ram. Are there any specific things I should do? Slots, mixing, etc...?

    Kingston 2x1 Hyperx. Dreamweaver popped up in a flash.
  7. Its not happening nearly as much since I updated GPU driver and avoided the scenarios that caused it mostly. It happened today, so I'm gonna try and recreate it tonight (work). The GPU is on the way.

    I took about ten minutes and air cleaned the machine and its running about 10-15% cooler. I couldn't believe how bad they let it get. It was rarely used by the previous owner.

    It's seriously running great (for my purposes).

    I'm not sure of the slots. There were two sets of two slots. There was one in each set. I combined the two that were there and put them in a set and put my new ones in a set. i will take it apart and check. I don't remember seeing different colors, but I wasn't looking for it either.

    Gonna put it to the test with some rendering in Premiere elements tonight. Update ya then.

    Thanks again, very help connection.
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