Which is better

Which is better PSU of following-

Seasonic S12II-520 520 Watts PSU
Corsair CMPSU-500CXV2UK 500 Watts PSU
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  1. the seasonic supply listed is of outstanding quality... and corsair is a solid company

    i would reccomend getting the cheaper supply
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    The Corsar Builder Series CX500 is a good value-oriented PSU. The S12II-520 is a phenomenal, top-tier PSU with two more years of warranty and outstanding is - hands-down - the better qualiy PSU between the two. Review from a top PSU review site:
    That being said, the Corsair is less expensive and a decent quality PSU. I wold't have an ssue recommending either PSU depending on the circumstances. If it were my money and I could afford the S12II-520 then that is the route I would go. I have the modular version of that PSU and it's awesome.
  3. Top-tier? I would only describe the S12II/M12II Bronze series as top-tier in comparison to the CX series.
  4. it's not top teir so much, but jonnyguru's sample surpassed it's 80+ bronze rating which is pretty sweet... either way they are both good supplies
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