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Will i have better video playback in 64 bit?

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January 15, 2010 9:49:31 AM

Aside from the whole video card issue and relevance. Will hd (mainly 1080p) videos run better in windows 7 x64-bit?
They run pretty well now on my 32 bit system, a slight delay before they start (maybe 5 seconds) but after that they run fine. Im wondering if they just typically do better in x64 because of the wider process stream?

I have 8 gbs of ram installed and that is the reason i want to switch to 64 bit. My pc tells me the normal "3.4xx usable ram" message, But when i go to my Nvidia manager it says it is using 1.5 gbs of my system memory for video, is that being taken out of the 3.4 gbs available, or the other 4gbs that the 32 bit system cant address?

Thanks for any help, im at a bit of a loss.

From, Olympia Wa

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January 15, 2010 11:06:39 AM

Go 64 bit. It will make your system more snappy, if only through the extra memory.

And yes, the 1.5GB of video memory will be double referrenced in what Windows sees.
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January 15, 2010 11:08:05 AM

Welcome to the forums!

No, HD Video should play back exactly the same on Win 7 x64 as on a 32 bit OS.
It sounds like your system is just buffering data from the disk/hard drive before starting playback, probably nothing to worry about.
I this is the case and you want to speed it up, look into a faster hard drive or blu-ray drive.
I would still recommend the 64 bit version however, it will let you fully utilise your hardware.

No, I do not believe the 1.5GB memory listed in the nVidia manager is going against the 4GB addressing limit.
If you have around 3.4GB RAM available, it sounds like your GPU has only 512MB RAM onboard.
Not a clue where the other value is coming from.
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January 15, 2010 11:09:54 AM

With respect to playing Blue-ray movie at 1080P the answer is NO. There will be no noticeable difference in performance. There will be an improvement but its something that will not be obvious.

The 64 bit is very useful for CPU intensive application such as design simulation, database management/processing, graphics design, 3d modeling. The 64-bit OS will take advantage of the 64-bit architecture of the CPU and make use the memory that you have (> 4G Byte). More memory enables the CPU to process the task using the DRAM-memory instead of the slower hard drive.

Advantages of 64 bit OS:
1) 64 Bit Processing which is native to the CPU's today. It crunches data 64bit vs 32 bit.
2) Access to more DRAM space which is very useful for CPU intensive application.
3) Some games but not all will run faster.
4) Application response will be a mix-bad at this point. Some applications are optimize for 32 bit while others will take advantage of 64 bit.

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January 15, 2010 11:19:42 AM

Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

The OS isn't the main source for the HD videos, the HD depends of your GPU and LCD monitor or TV.

Now, with a x64 OS you maybe can see a little increase in the performance of your rig.
January 15, 2010 7:20:11 PM

Thank you for all the input.

I do not currently use any resource intensive apps, I have used cad programs and some adobe stuff in the past just as a hobby, But currently i just watch movies (HDPC? i think is the term) along with a fair bit of extracting (winrar) and the occasional Plants vs. Zombies game (a must try if you havent yet!)

It was probably an rookie mistake, I Simply seen that my Mobo supports 8GB of ram and that windows 7 did aswell, So naturally I sunk some dough into the extra ram. Now im just hoping to justify it by switching to x64, but it sounds like it might actually slow me down a little instead because i mainly use apps with no 64bit support.

I think what i am going to do, is install x64 on a spare HDD and give it a test run, without wiping out my x86 yet.

Thanks for all the help. Very nice forum too. there are a few areas that i am decently skilled in and i will try to help in the forums where i can.