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Howdy all. So my friend is in the process of building a new computer with some spare parts he has around so he can game MMO's and fraps video edit them. I told him I'd give him my spare Athlon x4 645 (intended for my HTPC build) for his cpu if he gets a AM3 board from somewhere.

Since I am not so knowledgeable in video editing myself my question to all of the community is, how viable is that cpu for doing video editing and whatnot in Sony Vegas, Fraps'ing, etc.? How large of a gap are we talking in real world difference between that and picking up a second/third gen i5 2400 and other non k variants? I believe his GPU is either a 6790 or 6850. Thanks guys.
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  1. i use vegas and fraps (well, bandicam because i dont want to fix fraps)... fraps is very hard drive dependant, linus tech tips showed that it runs a lot better with a SSD over a normal HDD
    the I5 2400 will do alright, won't be the fastest renderer out there, but will still do alright
  2. I was more referring to the power of the athlon x4 645 as opposed to the i5 2400. But thanks about that I did not know that about fraps.
  3. the athlon won't do as well, my PHII x4 propus gets about 3.5 cinebench points where the i5 2500 gets about 5
  4. It's called an i3 and an nvidia GPU for CUDA in Vegas ;)
  5. all the accelerated codecs are messed up for me in vegas TBH lol, i stick with the good old windows media 11 or whatever it's called
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