Will the Power Supply be enough?

Okay so I'm gonna start by saying i kinda don't know what I'm doing when it comes to the power supplies which is why i am here asking the geniuses of Tom's hardware forums. I just want to know if that power supply will work for that computer and the video card I'm putting it in. Also if you could tell me if that video card would fit in the case to begin with. I watched a youtube installation of the card and im pretty sure it will just would love some confirmation make me feel better =D.


Video Card:

Power Supply:

I thank anyone who spent the time to read this and appreciate anyone who answers this thread.
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  2. mocchan said:

    Okay but would that one i suggested not work or is this one just better?
  3. The thermaltake is a POS PSU, not even comparable to the Corsair recommended above.
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