Powercolor hd3450 agp

I have been trying to install a Powercolor HD3450 onto a Gigabyte K8VM800M MB with XP.

The install seems to go OK with no issues apart from it installing in low quality.

On completion of install, I do a restart and the computer starts OK but once it goes to start Windows I end up with a blank screen or a error saying that the graphics start up was in a loop and unable to start.

I have unstalled and restalled manually and auto and it makes no difference.

Any ideals?

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  1. With the card in can you boot through Safe Mode?
  2. No it will not start in Safe Mode either.

    Did find that AMD/ATI had issues wit the install of these cards and had put out a revised Install/Driver package.

    Tried that but it once again came up with an error saying that the card was probably at fault.

    Have taken the card + plus my computer back to the shop so that they can confirm the card is stuffed (or not) and replace it.(or not)

    Fingers crossed.
  3. Alright.
  4. The Shop has confirmed that the card is stuffed and are replacing it.

  5. Good deal.Let us know when you get the replacement and how that works out.
  6. The Shops supplier hasn't got anymore HD3450 cards and are trying to repair the card.
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