Can the asus p9x79 ws support intel i7 2700k

Doing my first build and the i7 2700 has what I'm looking for at a good price and I already bought the p9x79 WS mother board. The ASUS website doesn't list the 2700 as a supported CPU. Just curious if that means my best bet would be to spend the $$ on the 3930?
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    No, this motherboard has an LGA 2011 socket, which means only an LGA 2011 socket processor will fit. Since the i7-2700 has LGA 1155, this processor is not supoorted by your motherboard. Even though you will have to pay extra for the CPU, at least you have a really good motherboard.

    Your processor choices are limited to these three due to the motherboard socket:
  2. Get at least the 3930K, the 3820 is not even worth it unless you absolutely need the extra memory bandwith the X79 platform has.
  3. Thanks for the info!
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