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Hello...i am upgrading my old pentium d 925 pc to a better gaming pc and i need help in choosing the best among these processors

Intel Pentium G620

Intel Core i3 2120

Intel core i3 2100

Intel core i3 - 540

Amd Phenom II X4 960T

Amd FX - 4100

i also want to know which ram is better 2 x 4gb ( 1333mhz ) or 1x 4gb ( 1600mhz )

i will also be using the pc for adobe photoshop and for 1080p movie

Thank you
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  1. The i3 2120 is best as it has hypethreading. It also beats the Phenom. 2×4 gb is much better as it's dual channel,more even if you'll be running Photoshop or worse still Aftereffects.
  2. for info the I3 540 also suports hyperthreading, but it has a lower clock speed and s based on an older design.
  3. First Choice

    Phenom II 960T

    + It will beat anything in that list in tasks that utilise its cores

    + Overclocked (and a headless chimp can OC one of these) it levels or beats the others gaming

    + It MAY unlock to an x6 with the right motherboard

    + Possible PD upgrade

    - Older design

    - To OC much past 3.4 your going to need to buy a £20 cooler

    - Can be hard to find/expensive nowdays

    Second Choice

    i3 21xx

    + Decent performance off the bat

    + 1155 socket leaves possibility for i5 or i7 in future

    - Dual core in the year 2012

    - Cant be overclocked

    I wouldnt bother with any of the others on the list
  4. 2120 is best bang for the buck i3. Go with that.
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