How much Power?

Abit BX133 RAID
ATI Radeon 64Mb DDR
3 x Quantum Fireball AS 30Gb (RAID 0+1)
Yamaha CRW2100E
Creative Player 5.1
Additional case fans etc.

Miniumum recommended wattage PSU please!


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  1. IMO 300w as a bare minimum, more is better.

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  2. Is it worth buying a 350w PS Enermax Dual Whisper Fans over a 300w Enermax Single fan comes from the case? I heard the Enermax 350w Whisper PS is really good. But it will cost me $63 more. The case is about $75 including the 300w Single Fan PS. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> :frown:

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  3. I have exactly that same question, actually...

    Thanks for asking it for me. :)

    I hope someone can give some advice.

  4. So what do you think of this PSU?

    I am from UK, so the voltage factor for the 300W won't be a problem.

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  5. If you plan on future upgrading and adding components to your system, or maybe plugging in a couple of USB devices and such, the 350w is probably the way to go - if you want convenience. But the $63 difference - I don't think I would go for it if 300w would suffice.
    I suppose the 350w will be quieter? (not 100% sure though)

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  6. I myself haven't seen that PSU. Hopefully someone else has had experience with it and can give you some advice :)

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