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I have a Cisco e300 router with a usb harddrive connected to it. I am able to map the drive fine on the first computer, but on 2 other computers it asks for a user name and password when trying to map the drive. All computers are running windows 7. Thanks for any help!
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    Insistence on every machine having a password is very much a Windows 7 thing but you can get rid it in Network and Sharing Centre>Network>scroll down to "Turn off password protected sharing" then click Apply and Ok your way out. After a restart, it will work properly but you need to do this on all three W7 systems.

  2. all 3 systems have password protected sharing turned off and have been restarted and is still asking for username and password when i try to connect to the drive connected to the router.

  3. Is that drive set to share its contents? Does it show in the Network as a Plug and Pray Device? Maybe there's some mor ehelp for you in Moderator Mr. Face's Sticky Post from the W7 sub-Forum

    which also applies to W7 on W7 networking as well as XP and Vista.

  4. I have solved the problem. On the router i had to set up a new group that could read and write. I now have a problem where when i access the network hard drive, it is extreamly slow to open. Any ideas on this part. Thanks!!

  5. Is it a laptop hard disk, spinning at only 5,400 r.p.m. as against your PC disks 7,200?
  6. its a regular external hard disk, running at 7200 rpm. I used it on my computer before and ran fine. But when i try to access it now through the router, it is really really slow to load.
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