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Dimension XPS Gen 2 Graphics Upgrade

So I found a very decent Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2 at Goodwill for $100 and bought it without thinking twice.

P4 Extreme Edition HT 3.2 GHz
3GB DDR PC3200 200Mhz
ATi Radeon 9800XT 256MB 64-bit AGP
2x Optical drives (generic)
2x 250Gb Sata (RAID 0)
3.5 Floppy (Yes a floppy drive LOL)
460W PSU and I THINK it says it has 32A on the 12V rail... and I think it's a dual 12v rail?
here's the picture of it:

Can I put in this Axle3D Geforce 7950GT and not overload the PSU because I really would like to have more VRAM and i NEED 256bit memory interface.
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    Shouldn't be a problem

  2. Hmmn... seems I am getting these wierd lines and pixelation appearing whenever I do anything. Sometimes it happens immediately and sometimes after hours and ALWAYS requires a hard reboot. GPU-Z is reading the fan is at 30% with temps running between 39 and 65. I cannot figure out this problem and as soon as it happens again I will post a picture. I have to take a picture with my phone because obviously screenshotting won't work.
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