Building a gaming pc.. will all this fit?

Hello Tomshardware!

First i want to say i love the forums, i have been reading so much in here i can't really describe how great you all are! wow i wish i was half as good lol..

saw the danish Tomshardware and i must say it looks like a ghost town <.<

Well i decided that i want to build a gaming system. My budget is around 1500-1800$ (keep in mind i live in denmark so the prices here are abit more... expensive.. just add like atleast 20% of the original price )

it will be used to play recent games and Guild wars 2! and also running a BUNCH of software like photoshop and i will be virtualising(servers) aswell.. And it as a side, trying to future proof it so i wont have to spend a dime in the next 2-3 years

now to the fun part! :P

current thougts:

GPU: eVGA GeForce GTX 680 (around 639$) (will arrive here in around 1. may or so i read)

Board: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 (284$) (i really just picked it because it looked so cool! ... that and the because of the thermal armor. Sorry for my noobish thougts! also been looking at ASUS P8Z77-V DELUXE :P )

Cpu: Core i5 I5-2500 (around 266$) (either this or the Core i7 I7-3820 for future proofing)

Powersupply: Silver Power SP-SS620M 620W PSU(142$) (can this really run all those components??.. only 620W?..)

ram: Corsair Vengeance 4 x 4 GB(130$) (just picked some i found, don't think it matters too much..)

HDD: I have a bunch so i dont really need more. (still nice if you recommend some :D )

and a place to throw it all in!

NZXT Phantom Crafted Series (177$)

My question: Will all this fit? is the power supply strong enough? the socket of the I7 is FCLGA2011, Does that fit in the board?

And at last: Can this be improved? i have been looking at benchmark charts and stuff but i can't really decide..

Thank you! ^^
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  1. The motherboard will not work with that processor (i7 3820)
  2. No, LGA 2011 doesn't fit 1155.
    Oh and welcome to the forums!. I think you need to change the case and power supply. Are you in the US?
    Case: Cooler Master Storm Trooper Full tower
    Power Supply: Corsair or Cooler Master 750 watt Power supply
    Motherboard and CPU need to be compatible. So if the CPU is Socket 2011, then the Motherboard needs to be 2011. If you want that sabertooth ^ which is 1155 socket, then you need either an ivy bridge or sandy Bridge CPU.
  3. Thanks! :D

    No i live in Denmark.

    Wow i really need to go up to 750W powersupply? O_O

    well i never heard anything good about i7 other than expensive and small improvement.. but the i5 2500k on the other hand has recieved blessings from all kinds.. But is it future proof? can i keep it for atleast 3 years?

    And that case looks nice, is it easy to stuff it all in there?.. Been trying to piece it all together in excel x.x

    So ATX is the form factor of power supplies i think?..

    and thanks for your reply! :D
  4. I use a 650w in a similar setup except I have two PNY 560ti's in it and a corsair H80 cooler. No issues at all.
  5. i have never seen a cooler like corsair H80... so its a liquid cooler, but using fans?..
  6. as far as i5 vs i7...i5 will be excellent for gaming. what i7 really offers is hyper threading. If you're gaming you won't see much of a difference between the i5&i7.

    I reccomend going for the i5 2500k+asrock z77. Not too much and also offers that extra pci 3.0 x16 slot if you ever plan to SLI. The board link is below.

    That only comes to $355 in america vs i7+a $200 Mobo. which comes out to $540+

    Maybe save that cash and buy a solid state drive. I like the crucial m4 128gb.
    This will improve your system preformance as well as your games.

    As far as ram goes,16gb is great! But make sure you get the 1.5v version.

    Good luck with your build!
  7. woah i totally forgot about that, yes a ssd would definitely be a great improvement! The hdds i have might become a bottleneck for the setup! i see xD

    oh about the ram, what does it matter that it is 1.5 or 1.65?..
  8. sleepyknight said:
    woah i totally forgot about that, yes a ssd would definitely be a great improvement! The hdds i have might become a bottleneck for the setup! i see xD

    oh about the ram, what does it matter that it is 1.5 or 1.65?..

    1.65v is not compatible with sandy bridge. Yes they may work but its the very maximum SB can take. You could possibly fry your cpu. It also means definately no overclocking your ram for you. And at the same price you really can't go wrong with 1.5v :)
  9. 1.5 it is! don't really want to fry my cpu... lol.. Thank you so much for your help! :D
  10. By the way, i just noticed that the ivy bridge Core i5-3570K has been released.. And for almost same price as the 2500k. The z77 sabertooth can take 3rd gen processors right?

    and this means that if i decide to use the Core i5-3570K i would have to find a 1.65v ram or can i still go with the 1.5v? (my logic says that if it can handle 1.65, it should be able to go 1.5 but im unsure)

    and Core i5-3570K has intel HD 4000, i plan to use this to lower the power usage while not gaming. Can this be done?
  11. anyone?-..
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