Need help picking out the best power supply.

Hey guys, I'm about to order PC parts this following Monday, and want to make sure I get everything right. I am quite unsure of the correct power supply I need, and help would be appreciated. I am also not too sure on the tower, either.

My current tentative specs:
Video Card:
Tower case:
CD Drive:

What would be a good power supply? Are the tower and motherboard okay? It would make my life easier if you could find the correct product(s) in newegg.

Thanks guys:)
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  1. Case recommendation:

    Power supply:
    A 600 Watt power supply will give you plenty of space for future updates.

    Another thing I would change personally - change the value DIMMs to something better looking. Take a look at these from corsair:
    They are 10$ more expensive, but are faster ,will look better on that motherboard And have better heat dissipation, which might come in handy when you're overclocking. Just a suggestion
  2. OCZ...ew...
  3. amuffin said:

    +1 thats all you need.

  4. What's wrong with OCZ power supplies?
  5. The ModXstream are a middle of the road PSU...not partiularly bad performing but not great. The good thing is that they can usually be found at great prices. The Seasonic S12II-520 has two more years of warranty, is a very high quality PSU, only has 2A less power on the 12V, and costs less than the ModXstream:
    The ZT/ZS series are better quality than the ModXstream but they also cost more and run into stiff competition from Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, XFX...
  6. +1 on the Seasonic PSU.
    Cases are an extreme personal preference item, but check out Rosewill's offerings. I've used probably 8 different Rosewill cases, some more than once, and been happy with all of them.
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