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I can't seem to decide on my decision, I have a small budget, and my good friend said I can buy his motherboard, ram 8gb ddr2, and it comes with an intel q6600. But I'm thinking about getting and phenom II x4 965BK. Which is better, I like to play minecraft, sho gun 2 totalwar, and league of legends, and starcraft 2. My friends build even has the very good CPU cooler hyper 212. His total price for all is $95. And the phenom which I will be buying from microcenter for $89, and then getting 4gb of ram for and extra $20.

Please help in which one is better.

Thanks for the help
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  1. And I know that my friend had it over clocked. I'm not a fan of over clocking my CPUs.
  2. If the motherboard comes with an Intel cpu, then you CANNOT use and AMD cpu on it. The boards will not take an AMD processor.
  3. I Know that. Ok intel q6600 vs amd phenom II x4 965BK.

  4. Two separate builds, the intel for $95 come with 8gb DDR 2 ram, and motherboard atx, and hyper212, and CPU intel q6600. Now the amd comes with matx motherboard and CPU for $89 plus then I have to get ram 4gb for $20 so amd build comes to $109.

  5. The intel is used for a couple of years and has been overclocked, and not sure now old everything is, or how long it has been overclocked for, but the amd is brand new from microcenter.

    I think I have so fear of buying the intel because it is older, plus it has been over clocked. So I want to hear what the experts think.

    Thanks again, sorry for the long posts
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    It's about 4-6 years old. :P

    Phenom II on the other hand is about 2 years old.
  7. Go with the pII...
  8. Phenom not only is it newer but its better
  9. Ok, but would the intel q6600 with a amd 7770 run empire total war or shogun on high with something's off and 1920 x 1080?

  10. what gpu did u plan to pair with the pII ?
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