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I just finished my first build recently and I am having continous graphic card issues. Here are my questions, Most games are running on some version of Direct X correct? Is it essential to have DirectX on your computer? Does DirectX come preinstalled on your card or do you have to go to windows and download yourself? Could not having DirectX be the cause of my card crashing when I attempt to play a game?
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  1. DirectX is included in Windows. Its up to your GPU to support it though. If you have any modern GPU you will at least have 9.0c (which is the minimum for most games). Newest cards have Dx 11 which is included in Windows 7 and Vista if you have the Platform Update (or whatever its called, it got pushed through Windows Update though so most people have it)

    If you are having issues, its probably either the card is dead or driver issues. What problems are you having exactly? And are your drivers from your manufacturers website or the ones included on the CD that came with the card?
  2. Im guessing that my OEM 64bit Windows didnt come with 9.0c because when I attempted to run World of Warcraft it failed. Error saying I needed Direct X 9 at least. I was just wanting to know if this is normal or not. Vid Card worked once I downloaded DirectX 11. So I am happy for now. Also I was wondering if attempting to run a game without DirectX will result in frying the graph card.
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