Radeon 6770 Driver dislikes my HDTV


I have a newly built system with the Radeon HD 6770 graphics card. Everything functions correctly when it's HDMI-connected to my 42'' Sony TV.

However, when I plug in my 19'' Polaroid HDTV I get a blue screen and the text "Not Support". Is there anything I can do?
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  1. I just had a similar issue earlier yet no one responded. What is your build? Specs? PSU is important as well. Did you install the drivers from the disk use windows to find the drivers or download them from the internet yourself. Also make sure you install drivers for the HDTV to your PC specially a newbuild.
  2. I have this issue before on my HDTV, but one time I tried, and it works because I change the refresh rate to 60Hz. I think it really said 'not supported'. The cause of this is because the refresh rate is not supported by the TV, good luck :).
  3. Another possibility is that on my GPU, using HDMI to connect to my TV, it used 1080i instead of 1080p (probably for compatibility with 720p sets)

    If your GPU is defaulting to a 1080p signal, a 720p set won't support/respond to it.

    This setting should be in the same menu as your refresh rate.
    (Right click desktop -> screen resolution -> advanced settings -> adapter -> list all modes)

    Just make sure you have the right display device selected.
    I am on a notebook with 6770(M) so things might be different, but I don't think so
  4. ^^ notebook will be the same as a desktop in this situation try his troubleshooting advice
  5. Thanks for everyone's interest...Update

    System Specs:
    Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3
    Radeon HD 6770
    2nd gen Core i5
    Win7 x64 personal

    Trying to connect to my 19'' Polaroid LCD via HDMI - TLA-01911c (Four years old)

    So, after all my digging I am convinced that this is a Windows 7 EDID issue.
    I fully-uninstalled the Radeon GPU and tried the onboard GPU and experienced the same issues.
    I have tried all types of resolution settings that should be compatablie with this monitor.
    Very frustrating because I can actually view Safe Mode on the Polaroid LCD, and even set&view the resolution to 720p in Safe Mode only.
    I'm gonna try AMD customer support and see what they say.
  6. are you getting a bsod at all on your PC without the connection of the LCD
  7. PC and Radeon GPU work perfectly when attached to Sony 46'' LCD,
    -PC has latest BIOS and Drivers as far as I can tell.
  8. Fixed!! I think the key was un-installing BOTH the Radeon and OnBoard GPU adapters. This allowed the tv to work via the standard VGA adapter. Then I re-installed the Radeon GPU and now the LCD works in 720p. Manual says the max is 1440x900, but I cant seem to get it better than 720 at the moment
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