Can an ASUS 6670 run on a 300w PSU?

my friend bought a Dell Ispiron 620 and it has a 300W PSU and ive found out the 6570 would work pllz help

here is the card im looking at for him


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  1. it will work under 300w PSU?
  2. With a maximum power draw of 55W, I'm pretty sure it will!
  3. i mean under a full gaming load
  4. I would say yes. 6570 has a TDP of 44W while 6670 has a TDP of 66W and is less powerful than the 7750.
  5. cause ive seen people run the 6570 and the 6670 on the Dell Ispiron no problems ive never heard of a 7750 working on a 300 watt PSU
  6. 7750 has been out for a few days that's why there isn't much talking about it yet. Like I told you it draws LESS power than a 6670 and is significantly faster.
  7. dont you think its bottlenecking just a little

    Core i5 @ 3.0 GHz
    and Intel HD GFX (LOL!)
  8. No way, that i5 could handle a dual 7970 setup without bottlenecking at all. Of course you'd need a new PSU but that's another story ;) My suggestion would be to either get :

    - The 7750 for 110$ on the current 300W PSU.
    - 6870 for 170$ and CX500 for 60$ Total : 230$

    It's your call ;) The 7750 will give decent gaming performance but will have trouble with games like BF3 with cranked textures on resolutions of 1080p and higher.

    EDIT : those are the .ca prices, they'll be even lower in the USA.
  9. The 6570, 6670, and 7750 will all work on a 300W PSU no problem, I have done it numerous times.
  10. HD 7750 is your fastest, most efficient option for a 300W power supply on a pre-built computer.
  11. id recommend chaing ur psu, but if not get the 7750 :P
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