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I can't decide what to do. Should i buy an intel i5 3450 and an ASRock P67 PRO3 or buy a phenom II X4 965 black edition and a Gigabyte GA970A UD3? I currently have an AMD processor so i can't decide should i buy an i5 3450 and wait until i save some money for the asrock board or buy the gigabyte board and unlock the athlon to 4 cores until i save money for a phenom II X4 965 black edition? I need some advice on which decision i should make.
My specs are: AMD athlon II X3 445, radeon HD 6850 OC, 4gb of RAM, antec HCG 620W, biostar n68s3+, SATA2 seagate 320gb.
I will mostly be gaming and recording gameplay and making videos.
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  1. Quote:
    another thread from you.....?
    you should continue on one of your others first instead of opening another.
    at least close the others then..

    How can i close a thread?
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    answer is....
    you want to save up and do it right.
    all these questions and threads your obviously turning into a young enthusiast.
    soon you'll be wanting to tinker with minor overclocking to get more performance.
    invest wisely in the motherboard and CPU.
    2500K or 3570K and Z77 motherboard is your best bet..

    the 965BE and GA-970-UD3 is a viable option and if had to buy now would be nice.
    no guarantee about unlocking and overclocking your X3 440..
    the i5-3450 is a better unit than the 965BE but the 3450 is non-overclockable..

    the rest including RAM and PSU, HDD's take with you into the new build.

    Well after a little thinking i realized i'm gonna need a more powerful CPU like an i5 to avoid future GPU upgrade bottlenecks. Though when i get enough money for an i5 most likely the 3570k and then sell the athlon and the biostar and buy a motherboard for the i5. Will this one do?
    Its an ASRock Z77 PRO3
  3. Get the intel with your eye's closed...
  4. Then which board should i buy for the i5?
  5. Quote:
    $$ you got for the motherboard.?

    The cheapest one that will work good with that i5 and has at least 4 ram slots. If there's anything from 80$ to 120$ don't mind if its a bit more than 120$
  6. Asrock z68 extreme3.
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