Fifa 12 and HD 5850 in CrossfireX mode


Should we, the ATI card owners simply drop the hopes and move to nVidia because that really seems to be the way everything is "meant to be played"?

Fifa 11 was a nightmware with Crossfire turned on, and Fifa 12 is a lot better, but why not smooth? Has anyone figured out exact settings to make it work without any lag, tearing, or stuttering?

I am running Phenom X4, 6 GB RAM, and 2 X HD 5850 cards with latest drivers, on Windows 7 X64.

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  1. Most people are on Radeon now in days and TH recommends 14 Radeons and only 3 Nvidias as of current Radeons have Dominated.
  2. I am sorry I actually didn't understand the above reply at all. What are you trying to say?
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