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i have an ivy bridge i7-3770k @3.5 non overclocked cpu, and often worry about the temperature of the cpu due to the fact i do a lot of hardcore gaming. i have a cooling system installed (corsair H70 liquid cooling) and was wondering how it was doing. i felt the back of my pc and felt warm air coming out, which worried me, and checking the temps i saw it was around 80-90 degrees Celsius after playing battlefield 3 for about an hour or two while on skype and recording. is straining my pc this hard and seeing these numbers normal? i would like to know because it's 3 days old and i'm still getting to know it, and i don't want any harm done to it.

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  1. 80-90 degrees is pretty warm. What other fans do you have in your system?
  2. First of all which program are you getting the temperatures from? I use HWMonitor. While your temperatures are not high enough to damage the processor (you can go to 105c on the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors), I would still be concerned.

    I would expect to see temperatures around 80c to 90c under load from something LinX or IBT on an Intel® Core™ i7-3770K only on an overclocked system. I think I would try to reseat your Corsair H70 with some new Thermal paste.

    I have the Corsair H100 on an overclocked Intel® Core™ i5-3570K overclocked to 4.2GHz and the only time I see 80c is under heavy load from LinX to test stability on the system.
  3. i was checking through bios. and i have two fans, one on front pushing air in, and one on back pushing air out, both unobstructed, with top vents and side vents. thanks ill look into some thermal paste, i was just curious because i was straining my pc pretty hard, seeing exactly what i can do with my pc, then i saw those temps and it got me concerned. is there any brand of thermal paste i should look into?
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