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HD 5770 VS GTS 450

Which is better Radeon HD 5770 or the Geforce GTS 450?
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  1. 5770=6770, so 5770 is better :D.
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    Even in its most OC'd form I've never seen a GTS450 beat the 5770. (maybe in a game here and there, but overall the stock 5770 will beat the GTS450.) The Nvidia card like the 5770 is the GTX550. Given the choice I'd take the 5770 over the GTS450.
  3. 7750 :D
  4. the hd 5770 is more better and very good gpu for its price and for the brand the msi hawk will be the best way to go.:)

    here is the hawk review.:)
  5. dgbkiller said:
    Which is better Radeon HD 5770 or the Geforce GTS 450?

    The AMD RADEON HD 5770 totally wins this one! It's much much better in every aspect than the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 video card! There is no doubt that the HD 5770 is the winner!
  6. yup, 5770 is a really nice card but i really do like the 7750, it is equal to 5770 in most cases and is faster in many other games and suck only around 55w, thus no need of 6pin auxilory power.

    read this
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