5970 vs 6970 for 5760x1080 budget eyefinity

I've just bought 2 more 1080p monitors and i'm looking around for some more grunt to run them. I can get a 5970 for about nz$400 - 500 or a 6970 for 450 - 550.
what is the performance of these two cards in eyefinity? I'm more than happy to run with aa and af off.
the 5970 I think has more grunt but I've heard a few comments that it doesn't do very well in eyefinity for some reason...
also I could go crossfire however I don't have a crossfire board which would be another nz$167

what would you recommend? I'm happy to take other suggestions obviously but I think those are the two best options for me, could be wrong so suggest away

currently I have
x4 965be @ 3.7
8gb ddr3
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  1. AMD CPU's have trouble handling multi-GPU setups so my personal recommendation would be the 6970 or if you can afford it the dual fan 7950 from Sapphire. Good luck ;)
  2. is the 7950 going to give much better framerates? I saw a review before and it got the same as a 6970 at "normal" resolutions
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    See the last graph on that page :,3123-6.html

    Difference will be even bigger in Eyefinity and the 3gb buffer will help even more. The 7950 can be overclocked like crazy (this particular model is real quiet and will let you push your card). It's up to you really.
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