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Just new today, want to know if anyone has any thought on the following:

I have 2x NVIDIA Quadro 600 Cards, I want to use them to enable Quad Monitors...

I understand I will need a MB that has Dual PCIe x16 Slots.. unsure whether anything I have currently can be modified/re-used to cater for this:

Current system has a Gigabyte Motherboard with 1x PCIe x16, it is driven by a LGA1156 i3-550M - this is my Media PC under the TV and I am happy to modify if required. Otherwise a new build it is.

What I cannot seem to find anywhere is what Motherboard/CPU combo I need to run dual PCIe x16 Cards, Intel website to me appears to say that NO i3 Processor supports more then 1x PCIe x16 Slot.

Look forward to some advice.

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  1. Ok, so I have since found that I will not be able to buy a new motherboard with LGA1156 as the new i3 Processors are all LGA1155... I may need to look at i5 CPU's now that support dual PCIe x16.

    What Motherboard/CPU combination can you suggest for the 2x Quadro 600 Cards to operate 4x 22" LCD Monitors.
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