Mixing memory brands problem?

I put Crucial PC2100 256mb unbuffered DDR-sdRam Cas 2.5 in my dimm bank 1 and generic stuff I got from Mwave.com PC2100 256mb unbuffered DDR-Sdram cas 2.5 in dimm bank #2. The computer recognized the added memory registered it correctly and windows booted up fine. However, when i tried to run a 3d app. I was immediattely booted back to the desktop. Shouldn't these two dimms work together, they both have the same specs? Or was the reason something other than the different ram?
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  1. thats kinda weird there... Why are you mixing good stuff with generic..? If it was me, which it is in my comp, I got rid of the extra generic CAS 3 pc133 256 chip when I bought a new Corsair 256 CAS 2 pc150... there just wasn't any point risking stabilty any longer. Another thing is, what are you using your computer for too need 512 MB ? I would stick with 256 unless you can come up with a valid reason for using that much memory that you would sacrifice stability. Maybe also check your video setup... Good o'll microsoft can give people head-aches!

    Anyways, I hope I could've helped.


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