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My Good friends, I am in the process of choosing the parts for my next rig, I have included the link for the public wishlist on newegg. My biggest concern is about overclocking the CPU, I am targeting at least 4.5GHz but if possible go beyond 5.0GHz, I have thought about these 2 parts, please feel free to share all your thoughts about both as well on the rest of the parts for my list:

Full list:

Cooling System Options:
Option b) CORSAIR H80 (CWCH80) High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Approximate Purchase Date: the next week.

Budget Range: Above $3K

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, FPS, RPG and MS FSX and Video editing.

Parts Not Required: N/A

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: I would prefer to Stay with Intel, ASUS, but I will definitely consider other options

Overclocking: Heck Yes!

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: My only interest is Performance and HD quality, I don't mind loud noises or any other minor restriction at all. Feel free to suggest anything you would like to change if this list were yours, I would love to have as much info as possible, still my main concern is around which cooling system I should use to get the best OC'ing out of the CPU.
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  1. Both are fine, you can OC that i5 to 4.5 on air using a CM Hyper 212. The Corsair is the best option I would go for.

    You would be able to hit 4.5 GHz easily, anything beyond that wouldn't provide any benefit specially in gaming and may be unstable.

    Why the USB 2.0 card while you'll have almost 12 USB 2.0 in your machine?

    I would swap that HD 7950 for HD 7970 for the best gaming results.

    Why not the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos?????

    You only need a 650W PSU to run your stuff, 750W in case you go SLI/CF in future.
  2. Thanks for your input bud! I'm glad you mentioned, so basically anything beyond 4.5GHz wouldn't be beneficial specially for gaming? I didn't know that, I actually thought that it would help in MS FSX, still 4.5 is really good.

    As for all the USBs is because I will be adding between 5 and 8 different extra hardware controllers for FSX, I could use a hub but I don't want to deal with other issues later down the road.

    Definitely the HD 7970 is a much better idea, and as for the M.E.C. I just swapped it, I actually did not see it when I was going through the SSD section.

    I did add to the list the COOLER MASTER 1000W because I will go XFire on this PC, I was just wondering if this is enough, am not sure if I should do 1050W+, but definitely would like to know.
  3. I just told you, you don't have to grab a 1K PSU, all the high end cards are 28nm it runs much cooler and uses less power. Even when you go with high end cards you'll need maximum of 800W.

    If you're going with the HD 7970 makes sure it's not a reference design card, something like the MSI Lightening or the Gigabyte Windforce versions will be extremely cool and powerful.

    I don't see a benefit of releasing the HD 7950, it performs as GTX 580 and the HD 7870 is 1% slower than GTX 580 so HD 7870 is a better value than HD 7950 That's Why i recommended HD 7970 in the first place to have a feel of something powerful.
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