Crossfire 6850s

Hi folks,

I have an asus hd6850 and just added a msi cyclone 6850 to an asus X58 sabertooth.
I have crossfire enabled in CCC.
When i look all i see is fan speed in CCC for the 2nd display.
GPU-z shows my asus card as crossfire enabled 2 gpus but the msi shows disabled.
Device manager shows both enabled.

I have uninstalled all ati/amd sw from my machine, removed the registry entries for them, and manually removed all folders pertaining to amd/ati before reinstalling the sw and the drivers.

If I swap the cards it does the same but with the asus card showing disabled.

GPU-z does show stats on the msi board even though it shows disabled.

I know i am in the correct ports.
I am running a 1000w power supply so power is not an issue.
I have tried 2 diff crossfire bridges.

I found another thread that was slightly similar and a comment to look at an old thread over at AMD but the thread is no longer there.

my pc.
i7 950 stock speed
asus x58 sabertooth mobo
12 gb ddr3
1 asus EAH HD6850 with stock overclock
1 msi cyclone r6850 with stock overclock

is it possible that since the stock oc is different for them that is the problem.

I am getting slightly annoyed with this, esp with it being my first attempt into crossfire ....
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  1. Adjust the clocks so it's the same? Also can you run benchmark if it gives crossfire performance or no?
  2. what benchmark can i run?
    i tried 3d but it fails saying unknown driver
    I have not tried to adjust the clocks back to stock yet.
    I was under the understanding that it would pick the lower settings of the 2 and run with it ... (part of why i didnt get a 6870 instead for the 2nd card)
  3. You shoulda got the same one and CFx them... Different clock will cause problems...
    You can try MSi AfterBurner and OC them both but not sure if it's ganna work tho...
    OCing your CPU:
    4GHz OC & 3.8GHz OC
    CPU Multi: 24 or 23
    BCLK: 167
    Vcore: 1.34v or 1.237v
    RAM: 1674MHz(Or close)
    QPI/DRAM: 1.29v or 1.26v
    DRAM Voltage: 1.66v
    Intel Speed step: enabled
    CE1 State: Disabled(In CPU Configuration)
  4. i was thinking about taking it back and getting another eah6850 but i figured same chipset no prob
  5. OK good good :)

    Run a free 3DMark11
  6. synaptik said:
    i was thinking about taking it back and getting another eah6850 but i figured same chipset no prob

    send one back and sell the other... get a 7950 or something better...
  7. OP what is your psu make and model? Id sell them both and get a 7950
  8. Hey a good free benchmark you can run is Ungine Heaven Benchmark
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