Asus VH238 not detecting Radeon 6870 via HDMI or DVI

Hi all, first time here.

As stated in the topic, I recently purchased an Asus VH238 and a Radeon 6870 graphics card as part of a custom build I was putting together. Once installing everything and attempting to turn on, I got no display via HDMI (HDMI Not Detected). Tried my DVI cable after that with the same result, "DVI Not Detected". Tried an older card, GTS 250 via VGA, and it worked fine. At this point I assumed by card was DOA, but I attempted to boot up with the R6870 connected to my TV via HDMI for final confirmation, and it worked. As I have never encountered this issue before, I figured I could ask around a couple places and get some opinions/advice before I RMA it, have until Monday before it would go anywhere anyways.

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  1. Do the monitor work on other machines? If no it's mostly defective.
  2. That's the only thing I'm currently unable to try, as this PC I am using is an all-in-one and I don't have another outside what I'm building. I'll be taking it to my friends' house tomorrow to give that a try and let you know, and if that is the case will probably just RMA Monday.

    Thanks much!
  3. Yeah, tried it on another PC and it still had the same issue. Going to call Asus tomorrow and see what happens.

    Thanks again!
  4. Yes yes good good, most probably you are going to return it by the way... :)
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