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i recently purchased 3 monitors so that i could link them all together for the purpose of having multiple windows open (not for multiple sceen gaming). i want to buy a graphic card that will be able to link all 3 of these monitors. im not looking at getting 2 cards and crossfiring. whats the best single card i can get for a price of roughly $180-200canadian?? i know i can get the 5770 for 100sh but im wiillling to spend a bit more and have a card that will also be more functional for gaming which i do a fair amount.
im currently running a phenom 2 with a crosshair formula 5, 850 watt power supply and 16 gigs of ram.
any thoughts would help, thanks in advance guys
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  1. radeon 6870 for $170 or 6950 for around $235 would be best around that price range
  2. hd 6870 will be better way to go it nice one of its prce.

    sapphire for brand its cheaper and better in performance.:)

    you can see how good is hd 6870 is in eyefinity.:)
  3. thanks alot guys, i was able to find a nice deal on a 6950 so i grabbed it. its working beautifully. i was originally going to grab the 6870 but figured for a few more bucks i may as well get a bit more juice. Regardless thanks for the advice. i appreciate the help and quick response!
  4. ok fine be happy with your upgrade you have choosen a good one.:)
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