Corei5 2500k or Corei7 2600k Which to get?

In the upcoming months ill be buying new parts for a pc build im torn between the i5 2500k, and the i7 2600k, now based off of what ive researched the 2500k is the best bang for buck gaming wise, but the 2600k is better at video rendering. im mainly a gamer but i do plan to make videos on occasion, so is it worth spending like the extra cash, I dont plan to buy for 2-4 months so the i7 should drop to around the i5s prices by then, so im looking for opinions from people who owned either or both of these Cpus.
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  1. If your main use for this computer is going to be for gaming, I would go with the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K and put the extra money into a better video card or a small SSD (<64GB) to work with the Intel® SRT (Smart Response Technology) on a Z68 or Z77 chipset based board.
  2. what he said. 2500k is for gamers. I chose the i5 cuz of what I do.
    Extra money can go towards improved GPU.

    Don't use SRT. Just buy a 90GB+ SSD and you won't have regrets. Intel SRT is outdated due to price drop on SSDs.
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