Nvidia or Radeon for 3d ?

I have a Samsung A950 3d monitor and I'm trying to work out how best to compliment it with video cards.
I currently operate an Asus rampage extreme IV, 1366, running a 975 with 12gb mem and have been using 2 x GTX 275s for a long time. Also have a 2 screen system which I'm adding the 3d screen to, so will be a 3 screen system.
Now, my budget allows for about $500 (AU) on replacement graphics boards, BUT... I have a number of options and cant really decide which way to jump.
Option 1, GTX 570 x 1, as 570 is the first nvidia chipset to support display ports, I plug this is to run the main 3d screen and leave the 275s in SLI to run the 2 side screens, with a view to purchasing another 570 in 2-3 months, SLI those two up and run the 3 screens directly off the 1 card (As the EVGA 570 super clocked runs 3 screens natively and having the 2nd card for dedicated phys x), or with the 2nd 570, run 2 screens off the 570s and leave a 275 in for the 3rd screen. ( I run 3-4 clients of Eve and 2-3 clients of other mmo's so processing power is needed)

Option 2, 2 x 560s, the downside is the display port, the Gigabyte 560 super clocked version allegedly has DP support, but not sure how good it is at running 120mhz screens. So the config would be 560s in SLi running 2 screens with a 3rd screen running off the 275.

Option 3, Radeon, complete change in card, but all the DP cards support 3 screens, so... 2 or maybe even 3 6850s, running all screens off the one card or however the best setup is, or a single 7950, with a second added in 2-3 months time. I've used nvidia since the days of the graphics blasters so am having a hard time even considering AMD but its an option, I just have no idea whats the best way to set them up.

Any opinions and suggestions are more than welcome :)

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  1. AMD has iffy 3D so if you want to 3D its best to go with nvidia. I'd suggest the waiting till the new cards launch as its a very small upgrade from 2x 275 to anything below $500.
  2. The biggest reason I need to change them is the DP for 120mhz 3d, while hdmi runs them at 60mhz ok, I'd rather have 120mhz operation, so I do need to upgrade them.
    The other reason is DX11, while not a massive concern, its still something to consider.

    And because I want to use 3 screens, I need to do something, as the 275s will only run 2 in SLI mode, and without SLI, they are not so good.
    I'm tending towards option 1 at the moment, with the EVGA 570 favourite as it has the full size DP, I know a price drop is imminent, but that will at least soften the cost of the 2nd one in a few months time.
    I will not be buying the new 600 series, I spent almost $1500 on the 275s when I got them (but they did last very well), just not doing that again, hehe.
  3. well the 570 will probably be your best option then. I doubt it will do 120hz 3d gaming tho, you need a lot of gpu power for that.
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