Dell Optiplex 745 PSU help

I want to upgrade my 745 SFF (new CPU,HD, and Video Card) but the stock 275w PSU makes most of that impossible, so I've been looking around and found this.
A Pico PSU (150w)

and a dual PSU adapter

Could I use the Pico PSU(150w)and the stock 275w PSU with the adapter and get 325w?
would that work?
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  1. That would be a pretty questionable plan if you ask me. Since that jury-rigged setup would cost you about $70, here's a much better use of that money:

    RAIDMAX Tornado ATX-238WR Black / Red SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
    $24.99, free shipping

    OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply
    $49.99, free shipping

    Honestly though, I do not think upgrading that machine will work the way you want it to, particularly with the CPU. It doesn't look like that machine will support anything better than a Core 2 Duo, so that's going to be a bottleneck no matter what you do. Dell tends to deliberately give you limited options for upgrading the CPU, because they want you to buy a whole new machine from them for $700, not buy a CPU from Newegg.

    Given that grim reality, in order to upgrade that machine, you'd almost be buying all the parts for a whole new computer anyway, so you'll end up with a far better machine for less money if you build from scratch. The hard drive may be the one component you want to keep.

    Also, if you do buy a prebuilt system again, let this be a lesson not to buy small form factor machines.
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