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The the chassis fan 1 connection on my mother board seems to be broke. If I connect the power supply to the chassis fan cord and plug it into the motherboard the system will not turn on. Could the problem be that the side panel fan 230x230x20mm needs to be plugged in view the connector on the main chassis and the side panel. Right now I have the power supply connected to the chassis fan cord put not plugged into motherboard and all other fans are working (nonestop).
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  1. you are plugging a fan in to a 4 pin molex connector AND into a motherboard fan header? These are separate power sources and you should use one or the other, not both. If this isn't the case, i'm not sure i understand.
  2. Ok so the fans plug in directly to the mother board or directly to the power supply, not both, correct?
  3. correct. The Power Supply will run the fan at 100%. the Fan header on the motherboard will allow the system to control the fan speed as needed.
  4. ok, but the side fan is not running at all??? the other chassis fans are, the are only plugged into PS but there is no other cord for the large side exhaus fan.
  5. You could get a splitter. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812198025 I'm assuming all of your motherboard headers are used up. Which motherboard header are you trying to use?
  6. Chassis Fan 1 - The problem I am having is my side panel chassis fan is not working. The four prong cord from the chassis is plugged into the power cord, it is powering (2) fans. The rear fan is connected to the MOBO (chassis2 header). There are no other cords coming from the chassis for the side panel fan, but the (2) fans running off the power supply have a double sided cord from the chassis (male/female 4 prong). The other thing that is strange is my power button is not lighting up.
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