Underclock a desktop GPU and place it into a laptop?...

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As the title suggests, I was wondering whether I could get a gaming laptop off of eBay with no graphics card in it. Then take off my spare GTX 560's heat sync, underclock it, mod the laptop case and place it in. Just want to know if this is possible. Is PCIe and mPCIe compatible?

Thanks in advance. Greatly appreciate the help.

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  1. I am 99.999999999% sure that's impossible. Even if it is possible, it would take some epically insane modding to get it done.

    Not worth your time.
  2. You'd need to be pretty pro at moding to make it work lol.

    The card won't fit so you'd need to make a converter and also supply the right voltage. probably also need a way to actually cool the card as well as something to house the card in. I would applaud you if you do get it to work.
  3. You can run a desktop GPU by connecting it to the micro PCIe on you laptop with a micro PCIe to PCIe converter, with a PSU and monitor connected to the card to provide power and display (the video wouldn't output to your laptop monitor).

    Your case mod attempt to put the card in it will be very difficult and the laptop will be very bulky (extra power source, copper pipe to conduct the heat from the GPU to the fan, extra fan to cool the GPU, securing the converter, changing your screen with an output your GPU support and connect your GPU with the screen, etc).

    Even after all this work, you will see little performance increase due to severe bottlenecked because your card will be running at x1 speed.

    I will suggest you leave it as it is and buy a better laptop or build a desktop.
  4. You can get an external PCIe chassis and connect it to the laptop via an ExpressCard slot but there's still the PCIe x1 bottleneck to deal with. You'd also be stuck with mains power unless you could rig up a battery backup for the PCIe chassis and even then you'll need a handtruck to lug it around.

    Be forewarned that these PCIe expansion chassis are not cheap. For the price of a single slot unit, you're approaching the price of a decent gaming laptop already and you still haven't populated it with a gfx card.
  5. Yupp, ViDock offers some solutions but the cheapest is $199 bucks which allows you to connect an external GPU to your laptop via PCIe. And the more power the card pulls, the more expensive solution is needed. And to get a desktop GPU to fit into a laptop would seem nearly impossible.
  6. I was more familiar with Magma's laptop imaging solution which is more like $700-800. VillageTronic is an interesting company. They made some really good gfx and network cards for Amiga back in the 90's.
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