Corsair 500w Can it handle this?

Hello, I plan on getting a Nzxt Phantom with 3X 200mm fans along with around 4 120mm fans. There will also be 2 cpu 133 cfm fans. My video card is a ati 5750 and a phenom BE 965. Will my Power supply be able to handle all this for the time being? I plan on upgrading my power supply to a 1000watt one soon, i just can not afford it yet. I can underclock my cpu and gpu if neccesary to save power to go to the other components. Will this work?
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  1. 500W enough for you
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    That PSU is enough for almost any modern, single graphics card system that you can put together. You don't need more than a 500-550W PSU unless you're going to SLI or Crossfire high-end GPUs. Is your PSU the CX500?
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  4. Yeah it is and is very good right now. I just need to move out of my current case(it got beat up). Im gonna upgrade over the next couple of months and i really want the phantom and to buy 250mm fans to fill all the slots in it. Thanks.
  5. Nice PSU and more than sufficient for your PC...a 350W PSU is enough for your current PC. Glad we could help!
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