DVD's showing 16:9, but letterboxed

New H-P computer (nVidia GeForce GT520 graphics card) is connected to new LG 22" LED monitor via HDMI cable. Computer will not play standard DVD's in full 16:9 widescreen, but letterboxes them top, bottom & sides. I'm unable to determine if this is because I'm using an HDMI rather than a DVI cable, or because of an improper setting on the monitor or on the graphics card. Can you advise what the problem might be?
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    is it just DVDs or the whole desktop? scaling often needs adjusted with HDMI. if it is just when playing DVDs your player is probably doing it. the players zoom options. should take care of it or there may be a setting.
  2. What player are you usuing

    i suggest usung VLC Media Player
    found here
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