Which graphics card to get for my budget?

I would like to get a graphics card for $250 or less. I would like to run most games maxed out, or close to it, and be able to watch 1080p movies videos.
Here are my current specs:

GTX 460
600w PSU
i5 2500k
8GB ddr3 1600mhz
1920x1080 monitor

I don't really want to sli or crossfire. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. 560Ti would be best bet, maybe a 6950 for 250
  2. for that price gtx 560ti or hd 6950 will be good.:)

    gtx 560ti is good for overclocking and after overclocking it performs well and gives better performance.

    hd 6950 is good in gaming with higher resolution in my point of view you should go with cheaper hd 69502gb version graphics card which will perform better.:)
  3. Well from 460 to 560 ti I can say it's pretty good, but not that much, If you can push more you can 560 ti 448, that'll be great for you :).
  4. What brand psu are you running?
    At any rate your buget allows for a 560ti, 69502gb, or in some cases the 448 core 560ti.
    If you are gaming at 1920x1080 or below then the 2gb isnt necessary on the 6950 and.my recommendation would then move to.the 560ti or the 448 core if.you can.find.it within your budget.
    The 560ti can overclock to.near stock 570 performance while the 448 core comes near 570 performance out of the box and.can be.overclocked even further.
    Recap, 560ti 448 core if You can find it within your budget and if not i would say the reg 560ti is the way to go with a single monitor 1920x1080 or lower.
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies! What if I were to raise the price to about $300, would there be a better card to get? What about the Radeon HD 7850 or the 7870 that are coming out?
  6. We do not know off this card yet, we did not know if it's going to be disappointing or not. So you wouldn't have to take the risk of that and get now 560 ti 448 :).
  7. I would say wait, the 7800 series is being released within a months time. This could possibly be a better bang for your buck.
  8. So would it be a good idea to just wait until the new ones come out? Or just buy the 560 ti 448?
  9. If me I will just buy now, but it's totally up to you :).
  10. I would buy now as well. Hardware is always priced for power and.tier so your price range would yield the same power card new or old
  11. gtx 560ti 448 core is an good card of its price and the hd 7850 or hd 7870 will come out at that time there price will be at high point so it would be better to buy now the gtx 560ti 448 core is nearly comparable towards the gtx 570 which is an good card and after overclocking it performs as gtx 570 so it woulbe an good idea to get now the gtx 560ti 448 core.:)

    look at this review.


    for brand evga or msi will be the better way to go.:)
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