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I just have a few questions, is the i7 really worth the extra cash over the cheaper i-5? is it worth waiting for the ivy bridge? Are there any cables/tools ile need to buy (not screwdrivers or regular household tools)? Thanks so much for all the answers!
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  1. IMO, neither Ivy Bridge nor the i7-2600k is worth it. Many reviews of the Processors have shown that Ivy Bridge runs hotter when overclocked.
  2. Looks good, and I would agree with Azeem40, shoot for the i5 2500k, if you plan on Overclocking your CPU. otherwise get the plain i5 2500.
  3. Idk how well other people will OC the Ivy Bridge i5-3570k, but I don't like taking chances on items before they are released, so I base my opinions on reviews from reputable sites such as techradar for CPU info. From the looks of the techradar review ( ), it will not allow for more OC headroom. Why get an i5-3570k when the i5-2500k performs just the same?
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