On motherboard, CPU and DRAM blinks red :S


After that i cleaned my computer, and put it back togheter, I see these red lights on my motherboard. I stuck my head into my computer and saw that it was written CPU and DRAM. BUT, the problem is that my computer wont boot, and therefore basicly black screen when turning on my computer. I didnt touch the CPU it self, but i did take a tweezer and used it to take out some dust from the fan.

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  1. Did you install the memory sticks properly?
  2. I did. I have even changed their place on the slots. Il try out some other stuff iv seen people do when having this problem
  3. What is your Motherboard, CPU, and RAM?

    Also can you make sure that the CPU fan header is in all the way? Sometimes this can lead to your PC not booting (motherboard fail-safe)
  4. *FIXED* Just had to clear out the CMOS :D
  5. Just for the heck of it, ASUS Crosshair Formula IV, AMD Radeon HD 6950, Corsair Veangence 3x4GB and AMD Phenom II 1055t.

    Stupid of me not to post it anyways
  6. Glad to know you fixed it :)

    I had an issue with my ASUS Board last night very similar to yours :lol: cleared my CMOS and voila! up and running again :lol:
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