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Gigabyte 560 Ti Super Overclock

I have read many negative reviews on this card that are mostly referring to a driver update problem which pretty much ruins the card.
Anyone have experience with this card? Does this card still have the driver problems?

I'm looking to put this into my rig:
asus maximus iv extreme
16gb ram

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  1. your rig is going to be unbalanced if you put a single gtx 560ti.i have a good suggestion for you-
    droop down to 2500k.(both are similar in gaming)
    grab a cheaper mobo with pci-e 3.i use that's great but no pci-e 3.
    16GB is way overkill.8GB is more than enough for gaming.
  2. I already got all the parts man lol. I got a really good deal on it so cost wasn't too much of an issue there.
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    What about this one: ?

    If that model got so many negative reviews don't buy it. It might have a bug that they will probably fix later on.
  4. I Think they replace this badly-reviewed card to this:

    Why don't you get this one :)?
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