Asus eee PC X101 vs. X101CH

I am deciding which one of these two to buy. I want something quite thin, and under $250. Storage is not an issue, so the X101's SSD is actually an advantage, considering its speed. I am highly tempted by the X101 as it is cheaper, lighter, and thinner.

The X101 currently sells for around $200, and the X101CH for around $240.

I plan to install Arch Linux on whatever computer I end up buying, and use it for web browsing, and video/audio playing/streaming.

I am mainly wondering if I would get better performance out of the X101's 1.33 ghz single-core processor with 2 gigs of RAM of the X101CH's 1.6 dual-core with 1 gig of RAM. Thoughts?
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  1. Good luck with a 1.33-GHz Intel Atom N435. I have a netbook with amd e450 and it feels very sluggish. Here's some benchmarks.

    It's usually pretty cheap to add memory to a laptop/netbook. Check the ASUS site (1) to see if they have decent support and (2) to see how hard adding an extra 2gb will be for the 1.6 dual core.
  2. What OS were you using? Also, do you have any recomendations for a cheap and thin netbook? Thanks for the benchmarks. The RAM on the X101CH is integrated, with no way to add more. However, I just discovered a $260 1215b, which has a nice processor, a 2 core AMD APU at 1.6 ghz, and 2 gb of RAM. It is a lot more expensive, though.
  3. Hi, I use win7. (After many years of trying to make OS2 work I switched to mainstream windows and haven't really regretted it). You may get (much) better performance from Linux.

    I ended up with a Lenovo factory refurb S205 for $320. (google lenovo outlet) I didn't find any good deals anywhere on thin/light/strong netbook. The ones you found were better than any I found.

    Bummer they needed to save $0.50 enough to solder the memory on the MB and not give a socket in the X101CH. No way 1GB is enough memory for next 4 years. That would rule out that netbook for me (I keep stuff way too long).

    Did you consider something like this: $300 Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Notebook PC - Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz, 1GB DDR2, 60GB HDD, 12.1" XGA, Windows XP Professional 32-bit (Off-Lease) That is a really nice notebook. Used is used, battery will cost you another $100 in a year or so. You'd need a doc to get DVI. But it's a really nice notebook.
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