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My Rig --lagging


Ok so my rig gigabyte mobo not sure model number
6870 saphire card
phenom II 955 BE 3.2 Quad core
1tb western digital HD
770w OCZ PSU

Im not sure where to start I lag alot playing games mw2,gw,minecraft,tf2 you name it I lag on it my internet runs good and my video card is new the only thing I can think of would be heating maybe is there a way to test and find out exactlly whats up cause I really dont know at this point ask me any questions I would be happy to help in anyway possible
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  1. The lag might be caused by your memory, DDR2 is slow and old! If you upgrade to DDR3 that is at least 1000 MHz or faster the lag might stop! Update all of your drivers and re install the games! Download CCleaner, Game Booster and Advanced System Care which are the best freeware programs for computer optimization! You can also download smart defrag to defragment and optimize you Hard Drive! You can fix your registry errors and delete unused or unneeded files which slow the computer down with CCleaner, optimize performance in games with Game Booster and free up memory with Advanced System Care which will also fix the errors in your registry and install the needed updates! It can free much RAM with it's technology so the DDR2 doesn't slow you in games! This is what I can say and you might want to check your cooling system or update to a better one! If the things that I told you don't help, the problem might be from the CPU or GPU! Let me know if I helped in someway!
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    Id like to suggest a benchmark/underclock test to find the bottleneck which is causing the lag

    Run a benchmark on your pc as it is and record the result (it would be best to run a multi system test like performance test and a graphics intensive test like 3dmark 11
    Then shutdown and remove one of your Ram modules and run the test's again
    Then put the ram module back in and underclock your cpu buy 20% (test again)
    Then reset your cpu and underclock your gpu by 20% (test again)

    compare the results and the one that produced an out of proportion performance drop is the bottleneck. I.e if you underclock your cpu by 20 % and you score drops by 20 % then the cpu is the bottleneck. If it drops less than 20% or not at all then the cpu is fine. If you have 2 ram chips and your performance drops by 50% then its your ram if less than 50% ram is fine etc
    if the results are all the same then the bottleneck is either your motherboard your hardware config or your software.

    Good luck
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