Dell d830 only shows 800x600 how to fix?


When i go to screen resolution i only can select 1 option in the display dropdown: 1. Generic non-PnP monitor on standard VGA Graphics Adaptor.
The resolution is showing 600x800 and I cannot select any other resolution.
600x800 is far too low! I didn't use my this laptop for quite a period. How to solve this?

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  1. Install your graphic drivers. Do you know what graphics card you have?
  2. Yes, install your graphics driver. This occurs when windows can't find your drivers. If you don't know how, first find out what is your graphics. Then search for drivers, download and install it, follow the procedures, then it'll mostly tell you to reboot, when you reboot right click at desktop windows and go to 'screen resolution' to set your favorite resolution. If you do not know what is your graphics, according to this:

    You'll have NVS 140M, download it from nVidia website here:

    Try it, if it doesn't detect your graphics card you can use automatic detection of your graphics in nVidia website :).
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