[HD3850] won't project

i had recently bought an ATI radeon HD3850 and replaced my X1650 pro ..
but when i installed the graphics card on the mobo nothing projects
i have uninstalled the driver for the x1650 pro but the thing is how can i install the driver for HD3850 if nothing projects as in black
i have a 600 watt psu that can support the power need of that graphics card ..
and i have that dongle VGA to DVI working properly ..

here are my specs :

Motherboard : asrock 775i65G
Processor : Intel core 2 duo 2.0
Memory : 2GB RAM
Hdd : 180 GB

there i hope some one can help me !!
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  1. Sounds like a dead card. You may have just had the bad luck to get a dud.

    If it's the only card in your system and you're not getting anything at all on your display, it's time to box up the 3850 and send it back.
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