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I installed two os, one is win xp and another is win 7. How do I manage my computer so that at starting time I can choose which one I want to start.
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  1. Did you put them on separate hdd's? If so then go into bios at each start up and choose the hdd containing the os you want as first boot device, (or at least everytime you want to switch from one to the other).
  2. You install the OS's to their own partition on the hard drive.

    Then you use a MBR editor, like EasyBCD, to set up the PC you ask you which OS you want to boot to.

    Google: "Dual Boot Win XP and Win 7". I once found a site that was really good, but I lost it.

    But why? Do you have programs that you think will not run in Windows 7. Use compatibity mode. But even I have somethings that won't, so I gave them up.
  3. im having same problem, I have win 8.1 32Bit installed on one ssd and win 8.1 64bit on another and I cannot get the screen to choose which one to boot from. I use 32bit for older games that wont be compatable with 64bit. Before I reinstalled win to one of my ssd I had the option screen to choose from now its gone
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