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Omg I am soo tired of sharing a internet connection with a fanatic youtuber. I cannot game when they are on youtube because youtube can someone how over power my game and literally take up all the bandwidth. traffic shaper xp is NOT a limiter. It is a shaper. If you don't know the dif between a shaper and a limiter please do not post. If I traffic shaper is capable of limiting and I am ignorant of this feature please enlighten me. If you know of software that is a true bandwidth limiter please speak up. When you set a rule in a traffic shaper all it does enforce an average which means it can spike past the rule as long as the average does not go past the rule. So annoying. thanks for your time. :bounce:
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    Something like this would suit you fine. We use a similar product on our network so that my wife's uploading doesn't kill my Virtual Machine connections.
  2. Well I had traffic shaper xp before and it didnt do the trick cause as long as the average bandwidth did not go past the rule it would allow spikes past the rule which interrupted the my gaming. BUT I gave it another go and I set the packet priority to low and that kinda helped but then when I set the packet que size to 1 that really made a huge difference. I believe I have solved the problem. I have the bandwidth set to half of the 1.5kbps, so that, combined with the other parameters, make it so she can watch her youtube videos, which load properly, and I can play my online fps with no problem. Thanks for your time once again.
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