Check my build

this is for diablo 3 on high possible ultra settings
no oc, sli, crossfirex, or eyefinity needed
only for gaming no h/w nada
got a 500gb external hd for storage
600 dollar budget shipped to canada

im concerned about power supply and compatibility of all the parts
should i add some fans?
hopefully buying by may 15th
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  1. Can't view the link.
  2. Get a good brand PSU, at least 500W (maybe more depending on system). If you are not overclocking an i5 2500 from intel is perfect for gaming.

    Can't wait for release! I am ordering the rest of my parts May 1st or so. What class are you gonna roll?!
  3. check the builds in my sig.
  4. not digging your build om nom nom amazon ships from different companies and thats going to cost me alot of separate door fees
  5. can someone delete this post my link don work
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