Power Surge: The Black Out

Friend's been having an issue and I looked at his PC and I had a feeling it was the Hard Drive for the one issue, but the other issue seems to be the power supply, just not sure.

This is what's happening, initially when I went over, we decided to unplug the TV so he could take a picture to claim it on the insurance because of a power surge he'd had, but when he plugged it back in and powered the PC on, it booted fine, I questioned him "are you just messin with me bro?" He was laughing too hard to answer I fiddled around looking into stuff it was running fine, reset the computer, powers on, gets to desktop, boom crash with "BAD_POOL_HEADER" No problem, assumed to be bad RAM or maybe a bad sector on the hard drive, I would have continued to inspect, but I tried to power it back on, nothing was coming on. The TV wasn't getting a signal it was remaining a solid black, and the computer would go on, fans spinning, but no output, sent through the onboard I believe, I question you, could a power surge have caused this? and what actually went down the drain, the PSU, the RAM, the entire computer perhaps?
From what I know of his computer I know very little of his specifications:
CPU Phenom II x4
2 HDD's Seagates 1x640 GB 1x240(?)
1 9800 GTX GPU
Any ideas are useful cause I'm stumped, he may just end up with a new computer anyway due to insurance if they reimburse him, but knowing if any of the parts are usable or anything is good to know.
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  1. Bad power supply with bad voltages could cause that.

    Standard debugging is to pull parts until it can POST. Start with all external cables (kepbouard, mouse, video, etc. then pull all PCI cards. If it posts it will beep to say no video.

    Then pull all memory. If it posts it will beep no memory. IF it posts then isolate bad memory and run without it.

    IF no post then pull the sata connectors from the disk drives. Does it post now ?

    If no post with only PSU, MB and CPU connected then it's probably the PSU, replace that first.
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