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Hi could anyone share with me the best cpu upgrade for my i7 2630qm its in a Acer 5750g i'm upgrading the ram to Corsair Vengeance 16gb 1600 mhz and hhd to the Corsair Force GT SSD i'm after a bullet proof multitasking gaming unit is there any suggestions for upgrades for my Acer 5750g thanks.
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  1. Before you even think about upgrading the CPU in your laptop you'll need to make sure that the CPU is not soldered directly to the motherboard and also make sure that the laptop can take the extra heat. Acer is known for taking every cost saving measure possible which makes their laptops almost impossible to upgrade.
  2. As far as what's better than the i7-2630qm there's the i7-2670qm and i7-2675qm. Both those CPU max out to 3.1GHz compared to 2.9GHz. The i7-2675qm supports up to 32GB of RAM instead of 16GB.

    Assuming the Acer can support the i7-2670qm, then you must decide if spending approximately $340 - $380 is worth another 200MHz. Anything more than 8GB of RAM is a waste of money unless you use some RAM intensive applications like large databases and Photoshop.
  3. Thanks for the speedy replies people all taken suggestions taken onboard, Does anyone know if the 2800 qm series cpu will work in this model laptop.
  4. Ah, yes I forgot about the i7-2800 series...

    Well does / did Acer sell a version of your laptop configured with an i7-2800 series CPU?
  5. I'm really not sure i'm looking into all possibilities of upgrades atm also the 3rd generation cpus as well can anyone shed light on this please.
  6. You can always call Acer tech support.
  7. Will do, was under the impression they weren't happy with us tweaking there already capable products cheers.
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