Normal GPU Shader Temps? (6950 CUII)

Hi all,
So I am running a single AMD HD6950 from ASUS with the Direct CUII cooler. I unlocked it to the ASUS CUII 6970 without problems. (Its rev.1)
GPU and memory temps are ok, but shaders are really high. I think.

GPU: 74c
Mem: 86c
Shaders:140c (before unlock it was 135c)

Crysis 2:
GPU: 71c
Mem: 81c
Shaders: 120c

I asked the guy at the place where I bought it and he said if its not shutting off them its not a dangerous temp, however Im not really sure if this is actually a normal temp. I've reapplied thermal paste but the temps didn't really change.

I think all of these are on the actual die. (I read mem means memory controller) Could it be that the sensor is closer to the shaders?

Any advice? Can any 6950/6970 owners tell me what you are getting? Or has anyone seen shader temps like this?

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  1. Bump

    Even just telling me your shader temps with a different card can help!
  2. Just checked my Asus Cu II 6950 2GB. In GPU-Z from top to bottom max temps

  3. Ouch. (those are load temps right?)

    Well I guess I have an abnormally hot card or a bad sensor.......
    My temps before flash (6950)were:

    Well thanks for the answer... now I dont know what to do. Should I RMA now as if these readings are true my card will probably die soon?
  4. Running Furmark

    99% GPU activity
    Stock 810mhz core /1250 memory

    69 GPU temp
    GPU temp 1 70
    GPU temp 2 73
    GPU temp 3 68.5

    Fan speed 22% (auto)

    Case is well ventilated (Coolermaster Stacker 810 with three 3-in-1 modules) 3 x 12cm intake fans, 2 x 12cm exhaust fans.
  5. Well thanks, thats exactly the data I was looking for but couldnt find.

    Of course now the problem is that I was doing the same exact thing as you, will similar GPU/mem temps, but my shader temp (temp 3) was like 125 degrees Celsius. Unlocked I was seeing temps closer to 140.

    If "normal" is under 70, I doubt having temps twice as high is a good thing....

    I'm starting to think my temps can't be for real otherwise the card would have died a long time ago.
  6. I know no-one reads this, but I've finally figured out the problem. The 4 (thats right, only four) screws that are keeping my pound-heavy cooler on my pcb are not tight enough. I can sqeeze the card during furmark and watch the shader temps go down instantly. I had the card mounted in a normal up-down Atx case, and while its on its side, and the cooler is not hanging down, I also saw better temps.

    I dont have proper tools to tighten them, and have striped the screws while trying to do so. So now they are easily unscrewed, and hard to screw tight. I need new screws.

    EDIT: I managed to tighten the screws just a tad and watched the shader temps go down from 140 to 100 in furmark. Looking forward to finding good tools and non-striped screws. (doh!)
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