NZXT Switch 810 vs Corsair 600T/650D

Ok, I could get a NZXT switch 810 at microcenter right now, 140 and after rebate, 120 bucks. I wonder if the TH community thinks I should get the Switch or get the 600T/50D.
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  1. Will it be for air cooling or water cooling? I have a Switch 810 and it is great on air cooling, but I got it as it's highly focused for water cooling and as a result it is BIG! I mean, really big (The chassis is bigger than the whole box, packaging and all, of my last case) so unless you've got a lot of kit to go into it, it might look quite empty.

    Having said that, Its is great value for money and looks incredible.

    Check out these reviews, they are quite long, but Tom goes into loads of detail but covers everything. I think is the best reviewer out there:

    600T review:

    switch 810 review:

    Hope that helps!
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